Be careful of the rug you set your foot on, in your yacht!

Rugs in your yacht complement the overall look and design of it. So, it makes it absolutely necessary to find the design of the rug that would best go with the look of the yacht. While you are selecting a new carpet for your beloved yacht, of course, you want the best style and luxurious…

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Why hire a professional rug cleaning service!!

Is it conceivable to clean your floor covering yourself at your home? You need significant pieces of equipment and capacities to clean the carpet splendidly. If your floor covering isn’t appropriately cleaned, it can cause essential medical issues both to your family and pets living around. So would you say you are contemplating to enlist…

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Let your passengers walk around without getting their shoes dirty!

carpet cleaning

A super yacht cruise can be the perfect and relaxing vacation plan for many people out there. People particularly love this experience because of the eternal memories and the uniqueness it provides the passengers. The excitement and enthusiasm of the passengers are through the roof while they get ready for their vacation to be splendid,…

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5 Benefits of Appointing Professionals to Clean Yacht Area Rug!!

Yacht Carpet

People love sailing on the yacht and enjoying holidays with beautiful memories because it gives a very different experience. Staying on a yacht with water all around is so beautiful that people are ready to make a huge expense for the same. If the visitors or the passengers are so excited and enthusiastic then is…

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Yacht Cleaning Service

  Boat and Yacht Cleaning and Maintenance Service   It’s a privilege to have a luxury yacht or boat and keep it clean and maintain is an added responsibility. As a yacht owner, it is very unlikely that you will spend time cleaning and maintaining it. It’s always fun to go on a water ride…

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Flame Retardant – 1st Line of Defense in Fire Prevention

New Technology, Skilled Applicators Treat Fabrics, Carpets Onboard As First Step In Fire Prevention By Richard Perkins as seen in The Trident  Flame Retardant Application Many parts of a yacht are prone to fire, such as wiring behind fabric panels, engines under the floor, temperamental electronic equipment under wooden bridges, acres of fabrics and carpets…

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