Interior Technology Services, Inc. is happy to give references. Here are some of our references in the form of testimonials from our many home and yacht clients. Please Contact Us for further references for Interior Technology Services, Inc. We look forward to meeting you for consultation on all your maintenance and restoration needs.

To whom it may concern,
We have used services of Interior Technology Services several times for one of our managed yachts. I wanted to thank ITS for the most amazing job. They are professional, reliable, organised, hardworking, knowledgeable in their field and flexible, which was especially for our last experience extremely valuable. We highly recommend ITS and their team.

Britta Ax
Senior Charter Manager

Chief Stewardess
So nice to chat today and thank you for being so helpful as always!
Unfortunately we meet again with an unforgiving carpet and water stain situation…
The lower guest bathroom shower overflowed yesterday afternoon and seeped into the light grey silk carpet. I used a towel to lift out the water and a fan to dry it overnight. There is a very obvious lighter area now that the carpet is dry. How should I proceed, please? We do have a small upholstery machine onboard. I always know I am in the best of hands with ITS.

Interior Technology Services
Is it possible from a ship manual the type of carpet it is? What I am getting at is it SILK or VISCOSE (also called art silk, bamboo silk etc.). This is very crucial in the cleaning process.

Chief Stewardess
The carpet supplier, Tai Ping has confirmed that the carpet is 75/25 wool/silk. Thank you for letting me know how to move forward. Fingers crossed for good news.

Interior Technology Services
I would recommend putting warm water in your extractor and lightly rinsing the carpet to see if that repairs it. If it dries a bit hard do not worry because silk can do that. Slightly brush it with a towel or horse hair brush and the fibers will soften up.

Chief Stewardess
Ran warm bottled water through our small carpet machine and over a fair section of the carpet and it has come out great! It’s almost dry and no line at all 🙂 Texture is nice and fluffy too.

THANK YOU so much for your expert advice!!! Saved us replacing it. Really happy with the outcome. You’re the best!!!

I have known Interior Technologies since 2009 when I used to work as a day worker on private yachts in South Florida…, then I started to work as a Household Manager till today on 2 properties on Fisher Island, Miami Beach, Florida and started to use the company for all types of upholstery cleaning on both properties.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to have very professional and amazing service on expensive upholstery, rugs, outdoor cushions, drapery and whatever can be cleaned.

Very knowledgeable and very professional crew. Always very organized, clean and respectful, and always on time.

Special thank you for knowledge and having such a great crew to the owner of the company ITS.

Will continue using this company in the future by all means and will always recommend them to yacht captains, luxury property owners, estate managers and so on.

They are simply the best!!!!

Anna, Estate Manager

I met ITS over 30 years ago when one of my clients was having a major problem with white on white carpet on a Feadship yacht, ITS was able to identify the source of the problem and clean not only the carpet, but also all the drapery and upholstery, all of us involve with the yacht were TOTALY amazed with how WELL it all turned out, so I have not only use Interior Technology to clean my home, but have recommended them to my clients both in the U.S. and internationally, definitely a “CLASS OPERATION”
Luis Ventura

I have been managing the interior of yachts over 25 years and have been using Interior Technology Services since I can remember. The skill and knowledge base of ITS is unparalleled. (Every time I speak with them I learn something new. His expertise and passion are immediately evident.)

Over the years, we’ve met up with all sorts of stains and oddities aboard the yachts which his team has been able to diagnose. If it is correctable, they have consistently remedied it, and if it is not, they will tell me straight away explaining why in an easily understandable fashion.

Though they are in high demand (not just on yachts, but in mansions around the world), they have always met my often sudden need for their services. They not only get rid of stains, but also have a protection service for all our soft goods which has saved stains from setting in on many occasions.

I find their prices very reasonable. They have always given me an estimate and have never done more without asking first.

ITS is very professional, always wonderful to work with and go out of their way to help in any way they can. They are truly the only company I will trust to care for these high-end interiors.

Kelly, Chief Stewardess

All excellent…

Thanks so much for the service. Great job to you and the team. Let’s stay in touch at the end of the season.

Kindest Regards,

Nick Doyle
Captain, Solandge

Captain Charles DuGas-Standish
Master onboard Motor Yacht Natita

Dear ITS,
I wanted to write to you to thank you for a fantastic job done. We asked to give us a quote to remove all cigarette smoke from interior guest space prior to our summer charter and you did so promptly. During the charter, the client smoked in more rooms than quoted and working with you the price was adjusted satisfactorily.

Directly after the charter you and your team came to Natita in Monaco and for five days you performed your magic. In the end no one was able to say that anyone had smoked aboard the yacht. You cleaned all the overheads, walls, carpets, floors, furniture and even the art. Now we have a much cleaner and fantastic smelling yacht because of your work. We have done three boat shows since and heard how wonderful the boat looks and no mention of cigarette smoke.

Thanks again for the hard effort that went into removing all the smells of cigarette smoke aboard Natita. I have worked with you now for over 15 years. You and your team are professionals and every time you have done a fantastic job.

Kind regards,
Captain Charles DuGas-Standish
Motor Yacht Natita

Michael Wright
Vice President
Domestic Estate Management Association

Hello Mike,
I hired Interior Technology Services because of their DEMA affiliation and I am hopeful my endorsement will encourage others to do the same. I know the high standard DEMA expects of anyone in membership.

At the historical estate in Palm Beach that I manage we have to be very discriminating in our choice of service providers. That is why I rely on DEMA when I need to select top-notch vendors and contractors. Interior Technology Services definitely falls within those parameters. They are professional, budget-friendly, and provided immediate and excellent service in remedying a problem for us. I am looking forward to our continued relationship as they serve us in other upcoming projects.

We highly recommend this company. Thanks to DEMA we have a win-win situation! Please feel free to share my comments with ITS.

Warm Regards,
Jeff Stemes
Estate Manager
Palm Beach

I have worked with ITS for years on several different boats. He and his team have done superlative work for me. And each and every time he has done a job for us he has not disappointed us with the final result of his work. ITS is personable and they understand the client’s needs at each and every step of the way. I would recommend him for any job.

Rosette Jolis

Our team members communicate with you and your team on a regular basis but I wanted to take this opportunity to personally express my respect, trust and appreciation. Your company plays an important role in helping us ensure that our clients receive the best value of service while also enhancing their experience of yacht ownership.

At the core of our being, Wright Marine is most concerned that our business practices hold true to the highest standards of corporate, technical, operational and fiduciary responsibility. We know that you support best business practices and that you understand that our mission success is tied to your practices.

While we work for yacht owners we are also responsible to represent the value and practices of your business to our clients as we guarantee that your company is the right choice, the best choice. We take our responsibility to you seriously and continue to inform our clients of the value your company brings to their yacht ownership.

We look forward to nurturing our relationship based on mutual respect and trust as we work together to raise the standards of our industry.

Sincerely and with best wishes,
AJ Andersen
Chief Executive Officer

Derecktor Shipyards of Florida has been proud to support the efforts of Interior Technology Services, Inc. We have worked with ITS for over twenty years and have always found them to be honest, reliable and knowledgeable in his field. They have been called on to perform many cleaning and environmental tasks for us and our customers. Having been trained in fire and water damage, we have called on them many times in emergencies and he has never failed to handle the situation efficiently, in a timely manner and with courtesy.

We would not hesitate to recommend Interior Technology Services, Inc. for all your interior cleaning and environmental needs.

Robert A. “Bob” Philhower, Sr.
Service Manager

Dear ITS,

Thanks so much for your prompt attention to my daughter’s dog-stained rug. Your crew was absolutely wonderful in their work and in their demeanor. You should be very proud. I am sure that our showroom will continue to recommend your company, and I will let them know what a great job you did for me and mine.

Jack Fields,

Hello ITS,

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate the work you and your great staff has done for us. Of course I refer to the complete cleaning of all our interior and exterior carpets, fabrics and cushions that was just completed in record time for our departure to the Caribbean, but also for all the work you have performed for us over the past years.

It is a great relief to find a person such as yourself in control of a company and staff who understands the importance of care and detail. I have always been completely satisfied with the work as well as the care taken which insures attention to detail and meticulous regard to the fine furnishings and woodwork aboard the yacht EXCELLENCE III and our previous two as well.

Knowing that we do not have to worry while you are working aboard is very important. Your time spent working aboard yachts gives a unique insight into just what is involved in getting the job done right even under some very tight schedules. A lot of people say they can do something, but you and your staff deliver. It is a pleasure to see so many familiar employees each year, they work hard and do a super job.

Please pass my thanks to all for a job well done and feel free to supply my name and contact numbers for my highest reference.

Best regards,
Captain Ray Shore

To whom it may concern,

I have used the professional services of Interior Technology for many years for the upkeep and maintenance of the yacht interiors. ITS always provides us with excellent service; they are reliable and take great care to protect areas they are working in which is very important when dealing with the costly interiors onboard mega yachts.

Caroline Cranwell
Purser, M/Y Lohengrin