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Bio/History of Richard Perkins and ITS

Interior Technology Services, Inc. was started in 1985 by Richard Perkins after spending seven years on super luxury yachts as a Chief Steward. With his background in yachting and having supervised the interior construction on a new build at Feadship in the Netherlands, Richard quickly understood the need to specialize in the maintenance of the elaborate interiors of these yachts.

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1988 started formal fabric training with the Institute of Inspection Carpet Upholstery Certification (IICUC) and then the name was changed to Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification (IICRC). It is the highest title in working with fabrics. Carpet mills and fabric companies refer to their standards. Carpet and Rug Institute (of which we are a member) and New Zealand Wool are backers. In order to work on high end fabrics then I must know all about them and how to clean them and that is what makes Interior Technology Services, inc. (ITS) different than other cleaners.
Interior Technology Services Testimonial
Burgess Yachts I wanted to thank Richard and his team for the most amazing job. They are professional, reliable, organised, hardworking, knowledgeable...
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In 1993 I received my Master Cleaner & Master Restorer Status – which is compiled of:
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Commercial CPT maintenance
  • Upholstery and fabric cleaning
  • Journeyman textile cleaner
  • Carpet repair & reinstallation
  • Color repair
  • Odor control
  • Fire & smoke restoration
  • Journeyman fire & smoke restorer
  • Water damage
  • Water damage restoration
  • Applied structural drying
  • Journeyman water restorer
My certification number is 2035 and now they are around 400,000 registrants.

I have taken 3 advanced schools for area rug and carpets. These are by invitation. One school was by Textile Pro (I went to this 2 times) and is put on by Lisa Wagner who is a world renown teacher in high end rugs and museum pieces. I have the title of Textile Pro and am registered with them. The organization has been published in the New York Times. I was also invited to be one of 30 in the US to the Stark Carpet program put on by Master Blend. This enabled us to be the company that would do their work for them exclusively. There carpets are very high end and on many yachts.

ITS- Serving All Yachts, All Sizes
ITS- Serving All Yachts All Sizess

In the summer of 1987 & 1988 I took my business on the road because a lot of the yachts left south Florida and based in Newport, Rhode Island to service the yachts in the New England area. I would go to Boston, marinas in Connecticut, New York City & Long Island.

ITS, the Professional Touch- Shearing Carpet Steps
ITS- Serving All Yachts All Sizess

In 1987 I was introduced to Edward Fields, Inc. They were the premier custom carpet manufacturer in the U.S. All rugs were custom made from design, dying and all hand made one fiber at a time. Each rug had a copyright number. The Oval Office, Air Force One and several State Rooms had their carpets. There guidance is what led me to obtaining my formal education. I became their exclusive cleaner until 2005 when the company was sold to Tai Ping carpets because the third generation did not want to carry on with the company. Upon their request, I wrote a cleaning manual for them and went to the factory in New York to implement and teach what I had written. This led to us doing work in many high-end estate homes in south Florida, Georgia and New York.

ITS- Fort Lauderdale and the World
Interior Technology Services Bio and History Yachts

In 1988 Edward Fields sent me to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines because of the maintenance issues they were having with their carpets on the ships. This led to the cruise line asking us to implement a training, chemical and cleaning manual for all the carpets and upholstery on the ships. This led to us to doing the same project for Costa Cruise Line.

In 1992 Edward Fields asked me to open a facility in Atlanta to assist with the carpets that they had in high end commercial applications. The Atlanta facility was in operation for over 10 years.

ITS- Amsterdam Office Services Europe
Amsterdam Office Services Europe

In 2009 I opened Interior Technology Services V.O.F. in Amsterdam doing the same as the U.S. company. There we service yards in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, France and Italy.

Amsterdam Office Services Europe In 2013 ITS started with a program for MCA Flame Retardant Application. Rules changed for yachts and this was had become mandatory, so ITS was the first and only company in the U.S. providing this service.

In 2013 we started performing our services for high end homes in the Dominican Republic. We maintain a set of equipment and continue to service the area.

ITS has been to many places in the US, Canada and other countries to perform our services.

I have been written about in cleaning trade magazines and yachting publications.

Our longevity in yachting has led to many long term relationships and that is why we are the preferred vendor for Bradford Marine, Taylor Lane, Derecktor and Rybovich. Also for numerous management companies.

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